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Chapter 3:let the games begin


I looked up after hearing someone clear their throat in front of me to see Chris standing there biting his bottom lip looking nervous as hell.

Aw, he was so adorable when he was nervous.But fuck that this nigga tried to play me in front of everybody. He’s officially on my shit list. No matter how fine he may be. 

 ”Uhh Jhene?” he said looking down at me with a nervous smile. 

"What" I mumbled not looking at him I had a guard to keep up and I just know looking at him It would break down. 

"Look, I’m sorry for uhh, for tripping over there Aiight?" 

"Mmmhmm" I replied nonchalantly when in reality I was smiling hard inside. I don’t know what it was about Chris that made me so attracted to him besides his obviously handsome face and his tall broad muscular frame, and those big juicy plump lips just begging for me to kiss or his soft deep brown eyes that looked like they told a million and one stories that I was just dying to hear. And then those freckles which weirdly I found so attractive. He was almost perfect. I swear to Jesus it took everything in me not to jump up and attack him.  


Chris called out to me snapping me out my daze, Obviously I had once again gone off with my thoughts of what I wanted to do to him I hadn’t even realised I had zoned out for so long. 

"So we cool now?" he asked with a soft smile on his face.

There it goes again. That dimple. 

I looked up at him with a confused look placed upon my face slightly tilting my head and replied

"Do I know you?" hitting him with his own lines.

Yeah 2 can play that game Chris. 

"Ah that was deep ma" he chuckled while licking his lips. 

 ’Ma’, Now usually I hated when people called me that. The only person I ever really allowed to do it was Alex. I even cussed Ty out for it earlier. But when Chris said it I didn’t get the same annoyance feeling I would normally get. No this time it was different, almost like I liked the fact that he called me ‘ma’. 

"Yeah well that’s how I felt" I mumbled. Looking into his eyes. His face starts turning red and he keeps looking at the door. 

"Yo seriously what are you scared of?" I asked curiously.

"I’m not scared." he answered quickly as he wiped his face. 

"Well, why you act so different in front of your friends? Why are you so closed in?"

"I’m not; I’m just a little shy"
Shy my ass, your way too sexy to be shy. 

"Yeah well you can go back over there to your boys now because I know they talked you into coming over here."

"Nah you wrong ma, I wanted to come over here because I usually don’t act like that, I’m just not having a good day." 

"Yeah well I can’t relate, my day has been great. I just love being stared at and I just love being hated on." I replied with sarcasm.

"Well, I’m sorry for acting like I did. I’ll See you around?." He said walking away from me I watched him walk back over to Mijo and them he plopped back down and shook his head no



"She likes you right?" Kyra asked me as I sat down shaking my head.

"WRONG! I told you she didn’t like me."

"Man what did she say?

"I don’t know man; she said a bunch of shit. I can’t remember" 

"Well duhhhh Chris! Dang u really is stupid! She LIKES Youuu…". 

"Aint you hear what I said? Mijo get your girl." I said looking at her like she’s crazy. 

"Shut up and let me finish fool!" she continued

"If she didn’t like you she wouldn’t have given you the time of day, but if she said anything at all, she likes you. What the fuck? Y’all are fucking grown ass men and y’all don’t know when a girl likes you? Ohh  I swear nigga’s are dumb!" 

"SHE.DONT.LIKE.ME" I yelled knowing it would piss her of more. 

"Man let it go Kyra this nigga dumb as hell" Ty laughed.

But Kyra just waved him off and continued. 

"Chris, do you like her?" she asked

"What you mean?"

"The fuck u means what do I mean? DO.YOU.LIKE.HER her? Are you feeling her nigga?"

"I mean, she got style, and she fine as hell…" I glanced over at her and she was sitting there smiling hard while typing away on her phone ignoring everybody around her. I wonder what got her smiling so much, all I know is I wanna be the only nigga putting a smile on her face like that. Man The way her ass sat in the jean shorts was amazing, her nice toned flat stomach showing as she wore the hell outta that crop top and then them hips AND she was rocking J’s and still managed to look fly like that

Damn lil mama was bad. She was almost perfect.

"…and her attitude is like that I-don’t-give-a-fuck type attitude, but she knows how to make it sound good. She-" I waffle on but I’m interrupted by these fools, "Yeah he like her" they all chimed in at once laughing.

"Man fuck y’all" I said laughing them off.

Do I really like her? 

I stood up putting my phone back in my bag after texting Alex back from earlier.

 I really missed him being my official baby and this wasn’t getting easier. Maybe I should just get back with him.

I let out a slight sigh and stretched my arms up feeling the bottom of my crop top rise up slightly higher. I quickly pull it down before anyone could see and began doing the stretch exercise coach  asked us to do. I looked up and saw Kyra skipping over to me with a big smile on her face.

Yep here we go.

"Soooo… Jhene… what happened with you Chris huh?" 

"Nothing really he just came over apologizing"

"well what did you say to him?"

"I said mm hmm."

"That’s it" she asked laughing.

"Basically. I don’t really remember what happened? I wasn’t really listening" I replied nonchalantly

"Mmmhmm" she looked at me like Yeah right I just laugh at her. 

"Ok everybody 50 jumping jacks, let’s get started Lets GOO!" Coach Davis yelled. Everybody groaned but got up and began jumping. 

Once everybody finished their jumping jacks coach set 5 laps for us to do before walking out the gym. 

"Dang why we gotta run though?" I moaned while slowly running next to Kyra. 

“Well this is basketball, and in basketball you do run so…yeah” she laughed off.

"Man this is so gay yo"

 I picked up speed and ran past Kyra. When I got on my third lap I slowed down and started running about a foot ahead of Chris He speed up catching up to me and began talking,

"Look can we just start over please?" he asked running next to me

"How exactly" I mumbled while picking up my speed running faster, within a matter of seconds he’d caught back up with me 

"Hi, my name’s Chris" he introduced, i looked back at him and kept running faster. He shook his head and caught up with me again 

"So aren’t you gonna tell me your name?"

"Jhene" I answered dryly

I speed up a little faster and I heard him chuckle a little. 

Aiight, I see how she wanna play. I catch up with her but instead of slowing down this time, I ran straight past her. I looked back at her and she smiled but it quickly faded when she realized I was actually looking. I chuckled a little to myself and winked at her as she rolled her eyes.

So she wants play games huh, this should be fun.

By the end of the basket ball game, we had been playing the team I was on win by 7 points. When the bell rings, I quickly run and get my stuff off the bleachers and run out of the gym. Chris goes to change but by the time he comes back out, I’m gone.
I ran out of the gym and raced down the hall to the doors.  Looking to see if I could spot Jhene, I was hoping I could get her number maybe call her sometime or something. 

When I got outside I see her walking up to a all black 2012 3 series BMW Dang if that’s her car Lil mama cruising real nice if I must say  I could swear that car wasn’t even out yet.

"Jhene!" I called out hoping she would turn around knowing her she probably wouldn’t, but to my surprise she actually did, so i took this as my chance and I quickly ran up to her "Wait up" 

Man I don’t know how this girl got me running for her so much already.

"Yes Chris" she asked trying to conceal her smile but failing. 

"So I was wondering can I get your number, maybe I could call you sometime?" I asked nervously rubbing the back of my neck, hoping she’d just say s yes, she smiled wide at me then scrunched her lip

"Aw, I would love to give you my number, but……do I know you?"

Damn she aint bout to let that go anytime soon. She puts her hand up to my check rubbing it gently causing my face to turn red a little. Leaning forward as if she was about to kiss me but instead whispered “Bye stranger” in my ear then opened the car door and got in leaving me standing there looking at her like a fool. 

'Bye stranger?' dang she played the hell out of a nigga nicely!

I chuckled and jogged back into the school. I’m gonna get that number even if it’s the last thing I do, matter of fact imma get HER and believe me what,

Breezy wants Breezy gets Let the games begin…

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