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For those of you who are new to reading, this story is completed, therefore questions may or may not be answered. It was written a while ago and so many changes have been and are still in the process of being made to it. The Link to the sequel Playing With Fire, is in the down box bellow. Thank you!
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Anonymous asked: Quick question. You know "practice" is spelled w/ a c not s. Cause you've been spelling it wrong every time

Well if you didn’t know, I’m from the UK, so we spell ‘practice’ with an S as it’s used in form of a verb. Now if I was using it in form of a noun then I would use a C. Get it? So yes I do know how to spell the word. It’s just that American English is way different from British. The same way you guys from the US spell ‘colour’ without the U, and Mum with an O. It’s wrong to me cause we don’t spell it that way, but in the US that’s how your taught to spell it.

20th Apr 2014 9:01pm 2 days ago 1 note

Latest Chapters


Here are 5 damn Chapters PLUS 2 sneak peaks for you, I think I outdid my damn self so I don’t wanna hear nobody complaining from now on about me not updating or leaving y’all because I gave y’all a chapter for each month I was away lool.

Love y’all though and HAPPY READING!

Sky x


04th Feb 2014 6:10pm 2 months ago 89 notes
Anonymous asked: Heyy I love your story and I'm trying to get on the sequel and it's saying content is blocking and have to 18 years and over, is there anyway you could remove it?

😳. I don’t know I don’t have a restriction on mines, it may be your browser babe, perhaps you have content lock on it. Try using a different web browser like Chrome then open the sequel through it. Or if you have the iphone app just read it through the app x

25th Jan 2014 6:04pm 2 months ago 0 notes

Playing With Fire: Chapter 50: Strike One



'You reap, what you sow'

1 week later

"Okay so, I’ve packed everything she’ll need in this bag, her diapers, baby wipes, her onsie, some spare clothes; she’s got her Sippy cup full of juice in this and then her actual bottle has the hot chocolate powder already in it for…

14th Aug 2013 8:59pm 8 months ago 145 notes

Playing With Fire: Chapter 49 pt 1 - The Warning



It was a late Friday evening, and I was on my way home with Asia from a long day of work. Chris had text me earlier letting me know he would be out working all night so he wouldn’t make it over to mines until the earlier hours of the A.M, something about Cass ‘needing him’ These days Cass…

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Playing With Fire: Chapter 49 Part 1: I Spy With My Little Eye...



“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Ty Tyyy, Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!”
I sung at the top of my lungs to Ty who was laughing his head off on the other end of the phone. Tonight was the night that my dear friend, my ratchet ass brother from another…
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rastagyalbee asked: Loveeeee the ending lol but Can u link the sequel please?


09th Jul 2013 8:50pm 9 months ago 2 notes
Anonymous asked: what is the password of dancingwiththedevilfanfic? please and thanks

I’m not unlocking it because i aint writing it anymore :(

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Anonymous asked: Who is the girl with army print dress named under Aerie Sanchez? she is gorgeous

Yaris sanchez i think her name is

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Anonymous asked: do u have any other pictures of jhene ?

search Mia milano

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