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Chapter 57: When Shit Get's Real, Real Fast


Note: Guys I won’t lie, I ain’t 100% content with this chapter, but I figured if I didn’t put something out today I probably never will lol. So sorry if the chapter seems all over the place 😔 to me it’s a bit messy but i really hadn’t written anything for however long I was gone for until…

28th Aug 2014 11:08pm 3 weeks ago 102 notes
shadowlessmemoriesff asked: You can update on your phone boo, I do it

I know hun x

12th Jul 2014 8:53pm 2 months ago 1 note
Anonymous asked: Have you stopped writing?

Urm. No not really. Let’s just say I’m in a break lol

12th Jul 2014 8:52pm 2 months ago 0 notes
taymars22 asked: Hi can u please give me the chapter list for this I'm on mobile

12th Jul 2014 8:51pm 2 months ago 4 notes
Anonymous asked: Hey! I am a new reader and i love your story. You are a great writer. Can u add the link to the character list for onecallawayfanfic? Do you have any more fanfic I can read?

12th Jul 2014 8:51pm 2 months ago 1 note
Anonymous asked: This was the very first ff that ive read and still not one can top this. Like im emotionally attatched to this story and this was YEARS ago lol. Such an amazing writer i hope you gain some motivation to finish the Sequel.

I hope I do to. Because honestly I loved writing it but it’s hard to continue something when you have no motivation to do so. But I will finish it. I can’t leave it the way that it was

12th Jul 2014 8:50pm 2 months ago 0 notes
shayizbrown asked: reading this again for the 6877O7th time


12th Jul 2014 8:49pm 2 months ago 0 notes
uniquelyash21 asked: do you have nay other fan fictions

nope x

12th Jul 2014 8:49pm 2 months ago 0 notes
wolfkee asked: idk why but i really want to read this story over even tho it took me like damn near a week to read and another week to catch up on the sequel and im still to chapters down but i juss thought that jhene and chris was really cute in this story so it made wanna remember how they met and all that good shitt

Aww. :)

12th Jul 2014 8:49pm 2 months ago 0 notes
Anonymous asked: Who is the girl in the pic on the character list for Tiki? She's gorgeous.

I’m not sure. I saw her pic on twitter like 2 years ago lmao.

12th Jul 2014 8:48pm 2 months ago 0 notes

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